A Thank You to the Kids Down the Street

I don’t remember how and when we met.

It seems like a memory that has been eradicated from my mind

But i knew we were going to be the best of friends for so long


The big move, almost ten years ago

It has never seemed to be that long ago but yet life has changed so dramatically since you two had to move out. I mean i understood, it wasn’t your call and that’s what was happening in those days. People needed to find a place that supported them no matter what and you had to go where you had to go. In those ten years, we have talked, you visited, but it never had the same spark as being only down two houses and a quick run away. Something that has been bugging me these last few years, as i have aged and the neighborhood changes, i never got to say thank you to the times we had together. The times that shaped me and hopefully the times you still think about and hold dear.

Thank you for the games of Wiffle ball through the year.

When ever we were bored, wanted a break from homework, or just had the snow fall coming and we wanted to get in that last game we always took the bat and ball and played in your yard. Even as we got bigger and the field got smaller, a home run still felt the same and well placed strike on the picnic chair just energized the pitcher. On the good days and the bad days we just used it to talk about what life was showing us as we began to change. I even still have the plastic bat at home, that means nothing to others, but means a world series to me.

Thank you for the Halloweens we spent trick or treating as kids.

In all those years of the cold October breeze, we always got to spend the holiday together looking like our favorite superhero or a demon of our own design ( Even when i ruined your costume by breaking the sythe). Those long, agonizing miles that were only a couple of blocks to get the most candy in our pillow cases especially if it meant the legendary full size chocolate bars. I can still remember the nights where you came back to my tv room, watch re runs of the Halloween specials that i still enjoy today and enjoying a nice well earned soda to end the night.

Thank You for helping celebrate our birthdays somewhat together each and ever year.

We were only one year and three days apart, even tho you would never be able to tell that. Having you two be twins was double the fun, especially when it came to the years our birthdays were on thanksgiving. It was always a blast going to your parties no matter where they were, even when we got to go to the Science museum and solve a murder (CSI Murder that is). Even if i was an only child, you never made me feel like it on birthdays.

Thank you for having a family who was always welcoming to me knocking on the door to see if you guys could come out and play.

I can remember times where you weren’t home and i would talk with your mom or dad about basically anything. I can remember the time where your dad and i talked legit about the trees and how they know how to change color and he was so chill about it. Even when you would go to your grandparents for a summer swim, i remember the car rides where we listened to Radio Disney when they read stories at midday to the youngest listeners. Man weren’t those simpler times.

Thank you for always sticking by my side even when our friendship fell into turmoil.

Even when we argued and cried about young dumb things. I am sorry for the times when i did not have your back and let you down. Ill never forgive myself when you got bullied in my own house and i did not do a thing to stop it. i am just mad that it got to that. Thank you for putting up with the growing pains and the one year old thing, i never tried to hold it over your heads but there were sometimes i could not resist to do so.

In all honest comment and thought, thank you for being the best friends i could have asked for growing up. No one was the kind of friend that you two were. You made living in West Roxbury (notorious for being quiet) exciting every weekend, summer, holiday and everything in between.

As i sit here at my adult desk, somehow all grown up, and going through the motions of meetings, i have never forgotten those days and what its like to be outside for a impromptu wiffle ball game, or eating candy, or the dinners i use to crash or even the times where we were not sure this was going to work.

I just know you are doing great things where you are, you were destined from the start. You are two great kids that i hope i was able to influence enough and leave an impression that was worth something to you all these years later. Hopefully, when we are older, maybe even our kids will see what we got to have growing up.

So to the kids down the street.

Thank you so much.

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