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Quotes and Roles

JustRachel (founder CEO)

Writer, Blogger, Workaholic

“If you’re 21+ and you aren’t scared shitless you’re not doing it right.”

Well S*** Here We Go With Reality

TheHumanAlexa (writer)

Teacher, Friend, Advocate of Student Safety, Aspiring world helper

“Sometimes I have great ideas about the world, other times I just drink my coffee and hope for the best.”

BeyondBecca (writer)

Psychology Major, Philosopher, Friend

“My friends tell me I’m a writer… honestly I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up – but I know what I don’t want… so I’m starting there and working up.”

WhatVincentSays (writer)

Reiki Master/ Teacher, Disney Enthusiast, and Lover of Caffeine.

Kevinatadesk (Writer, Editor)

Poet, Sensei, Grandpa

“I sit in my Rocking Chair and write about the world”

Tkotran59 (writer)

Traveler, Son of the World, Innovator

“I’m just one guy out here to make an impact on this world. and let’s just say I have my work cut out for me.”

Jessica Brusso (writer)

Writer, Reader, Adult

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We’re all just Awkward n' Adulting.