Networking – Life From Behind the Burrito Counter.

the drop [CLICK IT]

Over the past month or two myself and one of my bosses, Kirk, have been working hard to hype everyone up about the release of some all-new fitness apparel products that he was developing. Today the site went live and word is we are already selling out fast with some massive pre-orders from our men and women overseas.

With this high-quality gear I have noticed a boost in my own confidence, my approach on social media marketing, and in general, I am just so proud to be working with a small company that is lead by someone who serves our country and stands by his values.

To read the full backstory of how I found a job by working behind a burrito counter keep scrolling but to buy some gear – well you know the drill, click here  and use the promo code RACLS to get 5% off of your purchase then be sure to go on Instagram and follow @lifestrongapparel where you might find more discounts and fun material.


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the backstory

So first off I want to give a huge shout out to my guys and gals at El Diablo Burritos… to give a little backstory, I came out of my freshman year of college with a lot of soul searching left to do, and a high desire to let my liver recover. Coming out of my freshman year – I knew where I belonged, knew what I loved [realized who I loved] and sadly – none of it was at home anymore. eldiabloburritos2.jpg

Despite knowing where I was like the back of my hand, in my head I had never been so lost. Then I met my Burrito Baby family.

Look I know it sounds cliche but it is true that jobs like El Diablo, jobs where you’re on your feet and on a line for fourteen hours a day, they create families. See I knew that staff like I knew myself, sometimes too well – and sometimes not well enough, but working on that line taught me a lot about who I was – and made me realize what problems I still had to fix in my life.

Look I get it – people drill it into your brain that you should “shake hands and make connections” they tell you to be polite and introduce yourself – but they don’t tell you that if you are driven enough, and friendly enough you can change your life by meeting a couple of incredible people by just tendering their money while they grab their burrito…

img_1993I met Kirk while I was at El Diablo three or four years ago – he was handing out lifestrongfitness wristbands and working the side hustle he was building for himself when he wasn’t actively deployed.

Something about him handing that stuff out clicked for me – so I told him he should start working his business out of The Mill in Wilmington, where I was working my second job.

I gave him the numbers to call, the people to talk to – then he took his food and that was it.

A couple years passed, maybe one, maybe too – a working girl never knows – and I kept seeing Kirks clothes on Instagram, I loved the brand and was interested in getting some more marketing experience so I reached out.

See the benefit of wanting to work is that there are always people that need and want help [especially when you offer to work for free]. See the truth is, I knew I wasn’t going to work for Nike [which was good because I didn’t want to], instead I wanted to work with a small business, one that I could help grow and bounce ideas around with the CEO. Working with Kirk started with a message over Instagram. One step of me reaching out – telling a fellow Delaware, Burrito loving local, that I was looking for experience and I wanted to work for him. And then he said yes – and I guess the rest is history…

So why am I telling you this? Well, the first reason is that I want to prove a point that anyone – anyone who is driven and wants work experience can’t hurt themselves by putting themselves out there. By being willing to be told no or to be ignored, I actually was able to join a venture with someone who is an amazing guy to work with and who’s philosophies are just like mine.

And Second, well the other reason is that today Kirk is releasing some brand new life strong gear – and if I wasn’t at work you know I would be in mine right now. See what I have learned from working with Kirk is that connections are important, no matter where you make them.

By being nice to someone and making friends behind a checkout counter I was able to follow Kirk’s journey and then join it soon after. And this month alone we have been working on social media and hyping up today’s release – and I couldn’t be more proud to have been a part of it.

Taking chances and working hard leads to large gains and huge results – and with drive and determination, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. And while I can’t say what is coming next to the site, I can tell you what’s going live today – and I can’t wait for you all to check it out.




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