Why Every 20 Something Needs to listen to Jon Bellion

” We’re not sad at all, We know you have to leave and we’re not mad at all, You’ll be back in town and we’ll play basketball” –Luxury 

If you have ever had a favorite musician come out with an album you just can’t take off repeat on Spotify or dig through a discography of a new artist you found on Pandora, chances are you’re gonna understand this article a lot better. Music is like medicine for the soul, when we have a feeling or “ailment” we put on that favorite record or song and it begins the healing process. One of my favorite artist of all time has to be Jon Bellion. His music is unlike anything else i have ever heard before for multiple reasons; the passion, the lyrics, and too may other things to mention before i run out of space in this article. When you listen to Jon, he gets the human spirit in ways we haven’t heard before, mainly because he appeals to millennial’s who are a generation of firsts and different conversations than generations of  yesterday. However the question still remains: Why should i listen to him?

  1. The lyrics hit you like Fucking Bricks

The lyrics are in sane, Jon hits the core of emotions in every song, mix-tape and most recently his first album that he has produced. The lines do not sway with modern pop songs that take IQ points away from its listeners, instead he goes for the stuff that apply to his core listeners especially when it comes to Mental Health, Self Discovery, Personal Success, and any other topic we experience in our 20’s. If you want a direct example go Listen to Human off of the Mix-Tape The Definition. Or if you want to go on the discussion of mortality The Wonder Years is a great example of how our generation is nostalgic and wishes for more time as children.

“So take me back to the days when I was younger All this bullshit is overrated “– The Wonder Years

2. He takes the time to care for each song

On YouTube you can see the behind the scenes making of some of his best hits and boy does he dedicate himself to the craft. Jon develops the tone and tempo of his music to match what he’s trying to convey to the listeners if its an upbeat message, the tempo changes to create that. If the message has melancholy undertones Jon matches the sound to embrace it. What amazes me is when you break down the basics of the songs he has to the very core of the beat; its a sound he makes, a synthesizer, and his ideas. Nothing more. His music has a purer feeling to it because its hand crafted to the point where we could call it old school style.

The secrets you tell me, I’ll take to my grave, There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway, And if you have nightmares, we’ll dance on the bed,I know that you love me, love me. Even when I lose my head; Guillotine — Guillotine

3. He doesn’t hold back

Jon doesnt just talk about the generic love relationships, daily life issue, self image, money problems we all have in the same light that maybe pop artist would. He talks very openly of drug usage, faith, and what its like to be him in a very realistic way. Off of The Human Condition, Jon talks about the opioid crisis affecting not only his own hometown but the effect it has on america and her citizens in the song Morning in America. What artist takes something affecting their neighborhood and sheds a true light on it? Not many. If they even attack the subject i feel as if they play it down or make it  about themselves. Jon even goes into the nitty gritty of things like being an up and coming artist looking for a living, love that he can never have, and the hope fame doesn’t change him among numerous other topics.

“When the lions come and they turn to fight, Will you lose your soul?, Will you lose your pride?, Cause the only thing they needs, To smell a drop of fear inside, When the lions come, will you turn to fight?”              — When the Lions Come

4. All the Feels

Wait until you find that one song, the one that hits you the most whether it reminds you of a friend, a family member, an event in your life what ever it is Jon will pull at the heart strings. For me, the song Luxury off of The Definition is that song for me. It brings back my memories of senior year with my good friends and the fact that we were going our separate paths. Back to the point, his music stirs in the soul what we always think about and says it for us so we don’t look weird pouring it out. I have seen new people listening to his music, who are music snubs and finding something they can connect to and maybe even help them through the tougher times.

There’s someone gorgeous in my bed tonight, Yet I’m still petrified that I’ll die alone –Human

5. He is one of us

Jon was signed to a major label after his first mix-tape but he kept it on the down low to prevent his fan base from thinking he was a sellout. Jon built his musical abilities and fan base the old fashion way thus why so many have been drawn to his music. Essentially he is one of us, he has gone through the issue we go through and turned it into music medication for us to use. He never takes his fame to seriously and he never forgets who he was before he made it big. I cant think about a lot of artist who make it big and keep the same mentality they had when they weren’t worth much to record companies ( Only two i can think of is Twenty One Pilots and AJR).  In short fame never got to him, hes always been like this.

“All he needed was a platform, built a real fan base, Took ’em with him when the deal came, Selling out in every state, Signed a deal after his first tape, But he kept it on the low, They could never say he sold out, That’s why they come to every show” –He is the Same

Basically if you’re a 20 something, then Jon Bellion is your next artist to binge. His style and meaning behind every lyric he puts out speaks to something you have gone, going or will go through in your twenties. If nothing its good music to jam to at your next social gathering.

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