22 for 2022 – 22 Tips to Beat the Heat

what did the fan say when he was asked what kind of music was his favorite…







Welcome to College! Where AC is Nowhere to be Found.

Happy first day of classes to all my friends, readers, and first year students! Today is the day where you start your academic career. Now for those of you who moved in 4 days – 12 days ago – you may have noticed that Central Air is not an amenity included in your tuition package.

At Merrimack College – this means that anyone living on campus has recently discovered that their room is going to be more like a heat lodge than a dorm room… Now while some of you are lucky enough to have been placed in Royal Crest – you will also be doomed to experience the heat wave while attending classes or going to the gym.

But DON’T WORRY I’ve Got Your Back

Inspired by my friend Mairead [ who can’t seem to get a break from this heat ] this post will feature my second 22 tips for the class of 2022 – where we will discus how to beat the heat when you realize your college doesn’t believe in AC.


22 tips to beat the Heat when your College Doesn’t believe in AC

  1. stay away from coffee: while copious amounts of caffeine WILL get you through that first long day of classes it WILL NOT help you beat the heat – it will only dehydrate you, preventing your body from its natural cooling process.

  2. Drink water! the more water you drink the more you sweat [ don’t say ew ]. the more we sweat the more our bodies are able to naturally cool us off. [don’t believe me? ] ever sweat when you’re sick – that’s your body fighting off the bad stuff. So give your body a fighting chance 

  3. GET A BOX FAN: the best way to stay cool is to get the hot air out of that sweat box you call a room – put a box fan in the window and face it out toward the screen. This allows the fan to suck out the hot air and create a better flow in the room. 

  4. GET ANOTHER FAN… or 5? keeping the heat out is all about keeping the air moving. once you set up the box fan that will get the hot air out – get another fan to circulate the air 

  5. Commit to foods that cool you off: Ice cream is great when you’re hot but it isn’t the best for you – try cooling fruits and vegetables – keep some cucumbers, grapes, and carrots within arms reach to limit your salt intake and hydrate yourself from the inside out

  6. Find COOL places: Trees provide shade. Some buildings provide shade. Heat rises so stay out of your bedroom if you live on the top floor of the townhouses or the houses.

  7. Make Friends with people who have AC: Of the full college population x students live in air conditioned apartments – make a friend that can give you a home away from home – beyond being a good friend offer to help that friend study, give them a second look on their paper – make it so you all benefit.

  8. Stay positive – in orientation we had a rule that hot and tired were curse words – now while this sounds crazy it also helps you keep a better mindset. We Know you Are Hot – We Know You Are Miserable – We have all been there – WE HAVE ALL SURVIVED AND YOU WILL TO. AKA SUCK IT UP BUTTER CUP – A LITTLE POSSITIVITY GOES A LONG WAY.

  9. HEAT UP TO COOL DOWN: A cold shower feels ten times better after a workout. Sweat out the bad and take in the cool by taking a cool shower after a workout.

  10. Damp Hand Towels: Have you ever stuck one of these on the back of your neck? If you don’t have a hand towel grab a t-shirt or a tube sock – wet it in the sink with cold water and place it on the back of your neck – you’ll notice an immediate cooling sensation. 

  11. Hit up the newest buildings colleges want to put their best foot forward. Newer buildings have more money put into them and more AC – Go to the MAC (Mack athletic complex), sit by the hokey rink, go to the bottom floor of the library, Crowe Hall – or anywhere there tends to be a big push for campus tours. 

  12. Treat yourself to a dinner off campus: Panera is right down the street from Merrimack, but odds are all campus’ have a chipotle or a local deli in walking distance. If your room doesn’t have AC theirs will. ——- For those really looking to break the heat see if there is a local hardware business in proximity to your school

  13. Hit Up the Hardware Store: amazon carries multiple options for standing fans and standing air condition units. because it is not approved of to put a box unit in your window on a college campus – take a trip to the local hardware store or take advantage of amazon prime student discounts to cool yourself off in two days or less

  14. Check out the Campus Stadium: if a tree is in the open the bleachers wont be – if your campus has a stadium, hiding out beneath the bleachers could be the best way to beat the heat

  15. RESIST THE URGE TO HOOK UP: The last possible way to stay cool is to get your body close to someone else’s. Tell the hormones to take a chill pill and postpone hookups – and if you can’t keep your hands to yourselves – don’t complain about the fact that you just turned up the heat in your room.

  16. Make a Paper fan: you did it in third grade lets bring it back?

  17. Explore local parks? if you google parks in your area – odds are there are a few. With Merrimack College this is the case. GO to Harold Parker, Den Rock Park, or check out the area down the street where Philips Academy is 

  18. Explore local Shops: near campus you will find cvs, casa, whole foods, dunkin, starbs, and a variety of fast food options and if it is too close to walk – take the shuttle 

  19. Go to the art museum the Addison Gallery at Philips Academy is an amazing space to look at art and relax in the central air conditioning. 

  20. Hit up the LOOP: located in Methuen – the Loop is just close enough to get off campus but just far enough that you can distract yourself from the heat. A shuttle ride away – the Loop Is the perfect place to catch a movie, get a bite to eat or do some light shopping 

  21. Drop out? Run Home? ok maybe don’t do these. look when it comes done to it we have all been there – even those of us who live in AC find ourselves wanting to give it up to save on high electric bills. Sweating through college with your friends is one of the best parts of learning to live away from home. It teaches you limits, boundaries, and above all – patience. It isn’t living with your friends – but its even harder to live with them in a 100 degree room. Use this time to see how much heat you can take – after that everything is smooth sailing 

  22. Limit the Layers – BUT STAY MODEST!

end of tips?

hey guys so I know it seems like I pulled some of these out of my ass – I did. Truth is – it is so hard to beat the heat when you are just trying to live in a new place with new people. It isn’t easy to bear with me and it’s no easier to bear with this heat – but I wasn’t lying when I said we all have and continue to go through it.

At the end of the day – taking care of yourself is your most important job, so take this week to listen to your body – take care of yourself and keep the fluids up. You will survive this heat wave I PROMISE – but remember that your friends always have your back and if you can’t stand the heat… just find the AC

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