Changing of Seasons

sea waves crashing on rocks
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September  is approaching us and the time for barbecuing, late nights, and evening cocktails will soon come to a close. Before you know, it you’ll be searching for Pumpkins in a patch with your children and crying because all you really want is a cocktail on the beach away from the madness. Shouldn’t the children be in school during the summer so parents can have their vacation?

But all joking aside…. this is the time to start planning the last bit of events before the season ends! Time for enjoying the crisp summer air, ice cream,delicious foods, and lots of memories. I will never forget trips to the beach, each one is always a relaxing way to rejuvenate ourselves and cleanse the soul of all our baggage.

I enjoy putting my toes in the wet sand and walk along the shoreline as I just reflect and think about all the events in my life. While I do this, I focus on my breathing. I try to envision the life that I am trying to create for myself and how I can help myself and others reach my ultimate destination. Sometimes it just takes time and as impatient as I can be, I have to learn to relax and the beach is the perfect place to do this.



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