Back at it again with Employment, Enjoyment and Adulting

Hey guys, gals and the gender non-binary! I’m officially back and bloggier than ever!

So first off, I want to start off this blog by apologizing. While I know y’all are not dependent on our content by any means, I hope you have missed our wit and candor over these past few months in hiding.

So what happened? Well let me tell you! I have spent the last four months off the grid and keeping my thoughts to myself. Does this mean I haven’t been adulting? No. But also, kinda. See the past few months have been a whirlwind of emotion and self discovery where I have worked seemingly odd jobs, met amazing people, and now, finally, arrived at a place where I am back at it again and ready to share my story with you all.

So here it goes …

As many of you know seven months ago I was let go of my job – but what you don’t know is that four months or so ago, after finishing my degree, I decided to take a hiatus. (As if leaving the working world for three months to finish my education wasn’t already technically a hiatus – but I digress)

I left my life and almost all that came with it to spend the summer in Maine, on the lake I hold most dear. This was both a beneficial and toxic decision based on the fallout of my actions leading up to and following my move to Maine, but overall I stand by my decision and am happy that I did what I did.

Anyway, There I spent three months working at this wonderful and quirky place called Quisisanna. Quisisana is, essentially, a highly recognized yet equally discrete woodland local, where families may and do chose to return every year for a weeklong stay among the pines and the musically inclined. There I laughed, I cried (because of all the onions I had to chop) and I reveled in the beauty of off grid life.

But now I am back, I am employed and I am ready to start back up with all my awkward and all my adulting.

So what does this new life entail? Well it essentially consists of me turning my world upside down.

Since moving back from Maine I have moved into a new apartment, started a new job, decided NOT to further run away from my life by moving to China to teach English (a job I was offered but chose to decline after starting at fidelity where I am now) and now I’m just in this place where I’m trying to figure it all out in the simplest ways possible before I either go or drive myself crazy.

So now that we’re all caught up, what comes next?

Next up and coming soon are more blogs about what it’s like to take time off, to move into a new space alone, to commute a ridiculous amount of time per week so that I can stay close to my grounding forces here in Mass, finances and how to manage them (ish) and pretty much anything else associated with this new form of adulting that I fell into.

In other words, this is about to be a busy couple of months and I am so excited to be back at it again and sharing it all with you.