An Open Letter to Covington Catholic School

I’ll make this brief.  I am a devout Catholic and a student of Catholic schools.  I believe in Catholic education.  I believe in the participation in March for Life.  The horrific events that transpired on January 18th concern me.
I won’t waste your time and tell you to expel these students.  I won’t waste your time and tell you to forgive them and teach them better.  These decisions are up to you.
I will ask you though, why you would let these students wear MAGA hats, essentially a modern symbol of hatred, to the March for Life event?  Traditionally, the Republican party has been associated with being anti-abortion.  I choose my words very carefully here because I will not say that the Republican party, especially Trump’s Republican party, is pro-life.  Being pro-life means having compassion for our fellow human being.  It means providing single mothers who choose life with assistance and support.  It means treating everyone with respect.  March for Life should be that–a protest in favor of the pro-life movement, not just a protest to end abortion.
I am disgusted that these students were allowed to bring and wear these hats on your trip.  The fact that this was associated not only with Catholicism, but with Catholic schools, disgusts me to my very core.  I believe you have failed in your mission as a Catholic school.
The Catholic church has found itself on the wrong side of history too many times.  I am from Vermont and now live in the greater Boston area–two regions that were deeply hurt by too many child abuse cases.  These and other stains upon our church need to be met with a greater consciousness.  You, as leaders for our young people, are tasked with this.  I am embarrassed on your behalf.
Your job as educators is to teach your students the true values of Catholicism.  You failed in that mission when you let those students bring and wear those hats.  Catholics are pro-life, not just anti-abortion.  I am saddened by what you let spiral on January 18th.
Feel free to contact me further if you feel necessary.  I will be praying for you and your school, as well as for the students who have so much to learn.
Jessica Bruso
I sent this email on January 23rd to the principal, assistant principal, dean, and guidance counselor of Covington Catholic School.
I am Catholic.
I am pro-life.
I am disgusted.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Covington Catholic School”

  1. Please see the complete footage. The kids were more mature than the grown up adults (Black Hebrews and the natives, with Mr. Phillip proven to had been trying to incite violence to get donations) that chanted racist remarks but are treated as if these adults had a free pass to atack kids.


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