As an Adult I Understand Nothing

At 22 I knew that clueless was an expectation I had for myself, but I didn’t know it would cost so darn much… and so today, in the hopes of connecting with other people that are clueless I give you… a List!

5 Things I should have been taught before 22 – but had to learn along the way

1. Insurance… it doesn’t cover the whole bill

Last night I opened some mail that I have been neglecting on my bedside table for… well, for too long. The pile consisted of random letters from my car and health insurance, my doctor, and my high school asking for money. Now here is where it gets sad. As someone who works at a company that looks at health care costs every single day, I had no idea that my copay at the doctor’s office would not cover my bill.

So for anyone else out there who didn’t know that – and growing up I doubt many of us do because no class taught me this IMPORTANT LIFE FACT so how was I to know three months later that I owe hundreds of dollars?

2. Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle

Growing up I was under the impression that 21-25 year-olds had tons of energy,

…we don’t. It was a lie. And I still haven’t figured this one out

3. Rent is Negotiable

The first week in my apartment they wanted to jack up the price. When the washer broke they were going to continue to charge us the same. When my package was broken into there was no way to monitor who did it. And when the cleanliness of the building (lack thereof) threatened bugs – nothing would have been done if we hadn’t spoken up for ourselves. And so speak up we did!

4. Know Your Worth

I had no idea what to ask for when it came to money or any form of compensation when I started working – but by doing research and talking to colleagues I figured out what worked for me and my lifestyle.

Like rent, pay is negotiable – but they can’t teach you what you are worth in a classroom so start figuring that out now.

5. How to Cook… well

don’t get me wrong I can cook – and I don’t just mean boil water – but it would have been nice to take a home economics class or something


the list goes on – the fact of the matter is that these days we aren’t learning to be independent, we aren’t learning to grow up or be adults, and all the money we put in college, yeah it gets us a job but it doesn’t teach us how to be well adjusted stable minded individuals.

Truth is that I have been in the “real world” for a while now, but that doesn’t mean anything if I can’t find the tools to truly understand it.

Today being an adult isn’t fun, even if it is worth it – but it is a learning experience. I guess I just knew what books would better prepare me for the real-life situations the Pythagorean theorem didn’t teach…

One thought on “As an Adult I Understand Nothing”

  1. First of all you are doing an awesome job!!!! I am so proud and lucky to have you as my daughter. So here’s the thing, as parents it is possible there may have been occasional omissions and most definitely just a few flat out lies. We can’t tell you everything or you won’t want to be an adult. We have to save some things for you to figure out yourselves so you have the opportunity to learn and grow (translation- suffer the miseries that we as adults do). For example: Have you ever been to a baby shower? The glowing mother-to-be sits in a comfy chair in a cute little maternity outfit and opens her gifts. Tiny little clothes that inspire ooohs and ahhhs and awwes from the excited guests. NOBODY says, “Oh that’s cute but those snaps are gonna be a pain when your baby has a night time explosion out of her diaper and down her legs”. Or, good luck trying to keep those adorable little shoes on his feet”.
    However, I can guarantee that as we sit there remembering all the poopie diapers and midnight projectile vomiting( you actually did that), we are also thinking; I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
    I love you so much, MOX


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