How my English Major Lead me to a Financial Health and Wellness Company

Have you ever had a Dream 

One that felt so real – so illogically real – and yet suddenly you were living it.

It isn’t as simple as Deja Vu nor as complicated as being able to predict the future. It just simply is – and isn’t – everything your mind came up with while you were sleeping. 

I’m not saying I believe in magic – It isn’t that simple, but I do believe that we have a far greater capacity to understand trends and data than our waking minds can never comprehend. And like I said I don’t believe in magic – and miracles are only grim fairytales for those who have prayed and lost – but there is something beautiful about an impossible dream that makes me want to know more of what my future holds.

A year ago I was writing a novel

I could see the building burning, the cubicles up in flame. I could see the frantic look in his eye [the main character] when he realized the irony of an insurance company burning to the ground. I can remember the smell of Chinese food on this man’s desk and the legacy his father had built for him – and then a year later I found myself working for a company that looks at health, wellness, and finance – that talks about insurance every day – and suddenly everything was just like I had imagined it, only there was far less smoke.

How My English Major Lead me to a Financial Health and Wellness Company


Forget my super suit – I’d settle for a roadmap

Have you ever realized how professors and businesses say that English majors and liberal arts majors are everywhere but then they cannot give you the name of a place to back up what they are saying?

That was the definition of my four-year college struggle.

So for four years, I was kind of scared – and before you enlighten me on the fact that all majors go through this – remember that I am a writer, not J.K Rowling and I don’t have a book finished yet so I still haven’t done what I set out to do seven and a half years ago. [and it took me a while to be ok with that]

that being said… four years pass and suddenly I am here #adulting like crazy – with limited memory of how I landed here, and no breadcrumbs to lead me back…

Who on Earth – let me start a full-time blog – on top of a full-time job?

Being an English major and a writer I couldn’t imagine not having to struggle – then my friend told me about HealthyCapital. Healthy Capital is a subsidiary that occurred when Mercy Hospital and HealthView Services decided to partake in a joint venture.

When I came into the interview I knew virtually nothing, aside from the little information my friend told me – and what I learned online. The company had limited social media and despite feeling confident [aka. in desperate need of a carrer], I went in with an open mind and attempted to nail the interview.

From where I sit now, I’m not entirely sure I nailed the interview, but I know enough to say I have earned the seat I am in. But you see, it was after the interview, and after starting the position that things got crazy – because after three weeks as an intern, I was offered a full-time position as a marketing specialist.

It was then, in the marketing specialist role, that I decided to start this blog. Why? Because I had always played with WordPress, but if I was going to work with it – well then I had to know how it worked.

I started with research.

How to build the best website, what content to write, I looked at Odessy online, and then I realized – screw it – I’m not going to sit here, I’m going to just do it! And I am honestly more than happy that I did.

Since starting this blog I brought on six other writers, learned what stories impact my community and what can reach further, I have dabbled with design and most importantly I have been honest and had fun with it.

When I was growing up I never thought being a blogger could be my career, but the more I write for HealthyCapital and the more I write for myself and my peers, the more confident I feel.

In just four months after graduating from college, I have been able to re-establish my passion for writing every day, I have been able to be creative again not just outside of my job but as a part of it as well, and I have learned to love my voice again.

Honestly and Ultimately, I don’t know what thought struck my mind that thought it would be a good idea to run a full-time blog on top of working a full-time job, but truthfully… I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

27539987_1605687096133361_8755622734159832292_n.jpgMaybe we Don’t Need a Road Map

I  think what I failed to realize in undergrad is that it wasn’t about a roadmap – it was about paving the road. And look, I could be cliche and quote my boy Robby Frost but it isn’t about the road less traveled – it’s about wondering and continuing to develop ways to articulate what scares you and what doesn’t scare you, until you find a way to articulate what you want – both in life and in your career.

If I am being completely honest – it isn’t easy to be an English major, not if you do it right – because being an English major is about finding meaning in everything you read and do. It’s about developing ideas, contrasting histories and paving new roads that no one else can find.

At the end of the day – I can’t give you a map, I can’t tell you what you will do or what you are capable of, only you know the answers to those questions – and honestly, if I handed you my personal roadmap – you probably wouldn’t be able to read it anyway – at least, I know I sure can’t.


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