Define Adulting

Dinner Parties, Glasses of Pino Grigio, nights spent cuddling a body pillow or reading a book… This is “Adulting”.

Taking your kid to school, going to the gym, taking care of yourself and eating food that isn’t from a conveyer belt… this is also Adulting.

What people don’t realize is that “Adulting” isn’t a fad – but a lifestyle and a struggle to be adopted. Adulting is doing chores, it is holding your head high in a meeting where you want to punch a wall. Adulting is realizing that life. is. hard. and knowing that no one has the exact key to get you through.

Why People Care

The excitement surrounding “Adulting” isn’t one that starts and ends with 20 somethings. While the expectation is that 20 somethings exiting college are most likely to identify – the contrary is true. Our premier demographic is all ages from 18 – 55, reaching anyone who may be struggling with a job, a relationship, a child or a habit. People care because this isn’t just a means to get people to click, its meant to make people turn up their head and listen. It is meant to help people realize they are not alone in being dysfunctional adults and that is something to be savored.

I am Adulting?

Six months or so ago I started my own journey of Adulting… I did it as a way to write more, to cope with some rather heavy experiences and to create a community among people who are all pushing to get by.

Since I started, really started my journey, I have traveled, I have loved, I have lost, I have eaten too much and worked out too little. I have written about things people care about. Rambled on things that they don’t, and through it all I have struggled like heck to figure out who I am now vs. who I was in college or at home.

For my own definitions sake, Adulting is and has been, learning that I can’t have it all. That being in the working world means that sacrifices to gym time and hobby time need to be made. And it has not been easy.

For me, adulting isn’t about growing up – its about trusting yourself. It is about learning your limits, your boundaries, and pushing them. For me it isn’t the word it’s the journey and today… I am pretty happy where I am with it.

To all Adults

To all my 2019 adultingeers, welcome to the club. Welcome to the journey and if you will have us, welcome to the stories we share.

After six or so months of doing this blogging thing with my team I could not be happier for what we have and continue to accomplish – I can’t wait to see what this year holds and whose stories it brings to light. Cheers!

One thought on “Define Adulting”

  1. Oh hun, body pillows are just about the best thing that mankind has ever invented, as far as I’m concerned. Adulting is anything but a fad – as I’m discovering. Kudos to you and hope you had a happy new year xx

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