Don’t Expect, Just Wait.

Holidays are notorious for relationship questionnaires. I, on the other hand, am notorious for being single. But that kinda sucks.

As much as I’d love my life to be a romantic comedy, that just isn’t realistic. And the idea that at 22 we are supposed to have it figured out is crap.

The idea that people find love by now is magical, but I’m a muggle and it’s not in my cards. So, thus, I remain alone, single and trying to find my way.

Don’t get me wrong I like (love) being Independent, but I’d also like someone to love. The idea that we “don’t have time for love” is bull though, because I have time, just not to waste.

At the end of the day we make the time for that which we want and believe in. And me? Well I just wish I had time, more time, to follow my heart.

At the end of the day they tell us not to expect love, not to wait for love but to let it come. But me, well I guess I’m just over waiting for the love when I would rather walk for happiness.

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