It isn’t about Looks

Some hypothesize that attractive people benefit from their looks – and while it would be ignorant to outright declare that wrong – it is also completely wrong to assume that looks grant total liability on your entire life’s successes.

Today one of the most detrimental things to say to a young woman or girl is that she is beautiful. Part of this is because no one wants to be one thing or labeled as simply beautiful. In other words a young woman dares to be intelligent, strong, and beautiful. 

Considering the controversy it is also important to talk about beauty not only as a weakness but as a theoretical strength.  Truth is, as a woman, some assume that looks can give an extra nudge toward landing that ideal position – but that only gets you so far. Women in today’s workforce have to be strong, intelligent, stubborn but not difficult, and powerful to land a job – so while looks may come into play (if they do) the way one carries herself is what determines the roles she will play in business.

Here are three tips to rock an interview and be remembered –

  1. Dress the part – I was in an interview once and my bandeau fell down half way through, my interviewer did not notice (thank heavens) but wearing something that makes you confident and keeps you covered is key.
  2. Walk in with a purpose – know the role you are interviewing for, be confident and most importantly, be yourself. Despite what we are made to think – they are not hiring your resume… they are hiring you!
  3. Ditch the heavy makeup, go more natural – how you look matters but being comfortable and competent doesn’t mean having a face that doesn’t match the rest of your body. trust your skills rather than your looks.

Keeping these tips in mind I have a challenge for all my ladies and even my mans this week. Whether you are working or in school or looking for a job this week – enter everyday with confidence. Walk into class or work or an interview with a smile that lights up the room, embrace bravery rather than beauty and remind yourself how amazing you are. 

At the end of the day, the world may be trying to label us – but we are so much more than what they see on the outside. Act with integrity and be yourself – because beauty may only skin deep but you are much more incredible than that.

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