Are You Just Alive? Or Truly Living?

It’s strange isn’t it.

We’re in the age and time where we can view the lives of other people around the world at the click of a button. We often end up comparing ourselves to the lives of others. Yet through the lens of social media, we see the peaks, yet never the peaks.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be studying abroad right now? Traveling the world? Going on vacation in the Bahamas? But what about how insane Merrimack College Homecoming seemed like it was in a monsoon? And at times, what if I got an actual adult job and could afford an apartment with my friends?

But what about the other side of this same coin. We never see the struggles that come with these great moments. In the same beat as studying abroad, what about how hard it is to integrate into a new culture and also learn a new language at the same time. What if you missed your flight between countries and was stuck in the airport all day. We never consider how many hours of work is put in before we can afford a great vacation in the Bahamas. And at long last, the stress of school and then the daily grind wears away at the human soul.

But why do I bring this up? Isn’t this all about living and feeling alive? Yes, yes it is. Take pride in the small things we do everyday.

Step back. Look at the big picture. Own the process. Stop skating through the motions at half speed, but rather chase the things that set your soul on fire. Never stop growing. The difference between just living and feeling alive is a state of mind. Are we simply drones becoming one and the same? Or will we rise and become the great people we were meant to be.

Are we just human, or are we dancer? Let’s dance each day away in this beautiful life.