Taking Up What We Left Behind

As i write this it is the Eve of Homecoming at Merrimack College and many are excited to come home to a college where they grew up and became who they are today, i like you to imagine what alumni must let run through their minds when they see all the changes that have occurred over the years. This goes from the oldest returning members to the class of 2018.

Everything has changed.

What bothers me as many alumni will probably attest to is the feeling of uncertainty when they return. Do people miss me? Is my legacy in tact? Was i a good person in my times here? We wonder what we have left behind after graduation and we hope they have survived in a time capsule like state for us to relish once more. We want what was ours back but we know its someone else’s now.

The clubs you may have created, the ideas that were spoken for change, the actions you may have done, they are no longer yours anymore. Someone else has taken up the mantle and seized an opportunity that you have created. It wasn’t like this was going to be a surprise, some even picked who would take over. What the issue is; you have become obsolete in a way. Your ways have made way for new methods and ideologies and it seems you have nothing left to give.

But here is where it gets good

You were the trailblazer for what is now there for others. Your excitement, your passion, your ideas; it created what they have today. You were the risk taker when you asked to improve your fundraiser methods, you were the one that started the breaking of mental health stigmas, you were the one that got a entire school on their feet for a national title. You did so much for this place and it may feel like your memory has faded.

That’s not true.

Everything they do, your efforts are recognized again and again. So i guess Homecoming is basically one big encore/ second bow. So take that bow and enjoy a weekend where you’re a young student once again.

“Once again young, but only for a day”

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