The Fortnite Obsession (and why it needs to stop)

Trigger Warning: If you consider yourself someone who has an intimate relationship with Fortnite – and or are simply and radically addicted, read no further.

Yet another thing Ruined

A decade ago the term fortnight was one that regarded a fourteen (fort) night period of time or two weeks, but last year Epic Games changed that with the creation of their video game “Fortnite”.

Yet another thing #ruined by the #millenialage. (Click here for We ruin everything, apparently)

A Never Ending Fad…

Widely played and highly addictive Fortnite became a huge success almost overnight [rather than in a fortnight] – but personally, I can’t understand why…

As I stand I would currently deem myself a part-time gamer – only able to dedicate 5 – 8 hours a week to my console, but rarely if at all will I dedicate that time to Fortnite because I personally see no value in the game.

Unlike Call of Duty which has a historical timeline, Mario which is timeless (and I wish Nintendo could share the wealth with other consoles), and sports games like FIFA or NHL which have been around 5ever – Fortnite has nothing more than bright colors wacky dances,  and brain melting concepts.

Quick facts :

  • the graphics are weak – especially with a 4k system because  there are so many games where the graphics and experience are so much better
  • the building mode is overrated – and Call of Duty did it better
  • the dances are lame – and yet people live for them???
  • and don’t get me started on how my friend (while playing with his girlfriend) pushed her around in a shopping cart and then threw her off a cliff… talk about #relationshipgoals?

So when will Fortnite go nighty night… I don’t know but I sure hope it doesn’t last much longer because I am pretty sick and tired of hearing about it. pexels-photo

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