What if You Jumped Forward 5 years?

What if in the blink of an eye, you teleported five years into the future. It looks the same as you left it but you feel out of place and the people that you have been around you barely know who you are. How would life really be in the future?

Could you imagine not seeing a loved one for almost five years? What have they been up to? Did they get married and start a family or did they get that promotion that was sought after for years? The underlining questions and answers would create such a void of knowledge and emotions that could not be understandable.

The human functionality lives their lives day in and day out with only moment to dream about the future and reminisce about the past. To jolt it forward without expectation can be damning to the spirit.

All the goodbyes you never got to say to your loved ones in those five years. All the love you had for the special someone in your life. All the change you could have implemented for others, all the good. Gone. In an instant . It leaves the thought of the advantage for jumping ahead, what could that be?

What if you cheat death? What if you are revered for your work and reap the benefits from it? What if you get to see your grandson or grand daughter be born and actually have time for their growth? Was this the best thing that happened to you?

I think we all would wish for the thought of jumping ahead in time, to see what we might not have seen before. What is the damning part is the growth that happened around your time missing, like a old building being overtaken by vines and recaptured by the earth. You give up five years worth of memories, fun, pain; the whole life experience. Could you really settle for skipping out on life?

On the other hand, we could take this opportunity to see what may not be seen. The advancements of both man and machine. What wonders await you if the choice to take the journey was there. The feeling of immortality lays softly at your feet, seeing those around you age and you not a day. Could that even be withstood by humans? or is it a sheltered dream for us to borrow extra humanity?

Time will never be understood by man, woman, child, dog, cat, or anything in between. We will always want more of it while reminiscing of time we have already spent. It is an impossible question of going forward in time while also keeping the time we lose in the process. This is the biggest problem with this time travel thought.

On this journey, there is no return trip, its one way.

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