A Letter to My Mentors

A letter is not enough to say two simple words of gratitude to you and the work you have done.

I can’t thank you enough for the path that you kept me on, even though I may not have seen it. You were not wavered by my big stupid mouth and my even stupider actions like when i refused to study or eat breakfast and maybe even went off the deep end. You stayed your course and got my ship through the rough waters. I can remember the times where I was down and out, on my last strike and you loaned your time and energy to show me how to hit the ball out of the park even though I was only looking for a single. I can tell you all the dark times that I was alone in my own room and everyone walked by me, you took the time to watch me and made sure I was safe even if you didn’t know what you were doing for me. Having that open door in the middle of the day or shooting the breeze with us after class gave me a sense of security that added on to the development I needed.

For my mentors reading this, I hope you never felt burdened by me in any way. I know what it means to be overwhelmed with your own struggles and work while also dealing with me. It can grow and weigh on you dragging you down. I know those times where you could have shut the door, gone home and forgotten about the day but chose to answer the late-night text messages or emails I sent instead.

For the mentors that do not walk this earth anymore, your lessons and leadership never ceases to inspire me. You have set the standard for what i need to be to others both in the good times and the bad. I know that i must develop my standards on my own but always know that you are the benchmark, you are the bar i will never be able to reach, and that is OK, I don’t think i deserve to be there quite yet but ill be there soon enough.

I know the old standby line of how it’s your job to help me is relevant in this argument but the job never defines where you stop the responsibility and become your own self again.

If I was that much of a burden then I understand but know this, I am in your debt.

So I guess the work you have put in has started to show its value finally. The present day me is someone that can handle his own shit while once again taking on the issues and dilemmas of eighteen-year-old freshmen who may be living away from home for the first time. It is because of your wisdom, love, and empathy that I stand before you a changed man because of you and for that I cannot simply use two words to express my gratitude. Even this letter does not have enough words, not enough emotion to say….


Thank You

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